Monkeys Restaurant

You, humans, are always in a hurry!
Running through your days, or towards the future,
always searching, looking for something,
always busy, sometimes too nervous
and by doing so, you miss out on so many beautiful things...
But we’re here now to help you make a small step back to the simple joys in LIFE.
Don’t fall into darkness, but bask in the sun with a cocktail in hand.
Don’t look for excuses, but for good food and friendly smiles.
Stop worrying, start creating - summer memories and seaside adventures.
Don’t think about problems, but for all the fun ahead of us!
And know that you’re always welcome in our kingdom of colors, laughter, warm beaches, music
and refreshing experiences.
It is human to make mistakes, it is monkeyish to have fun!
Take. Eat. Easy.